Travel to Montana and keep your food WARM!

April 28th, 2016

When many think about the Old West what they envision is Montana. The biggest attraction in Montana is its diverse landscape from high mountain ranges to endless plains. In the east of Montana you can visit the towns of Great Falls and Billings where you will get a rustic, Old West feel while enjoying a number of activities. East Montana also offers such activities as hunting, camping and fishing at the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. There are a number of both ski and summer resorts to choose from in the Montana Rockies. Every year many visitors are drawn to the Glacier National Park because of its excellent scenery, recreational opportunities and excellent accommodations. Another well known attraction in Montana is Yellowstone National Park and draws many people each year.

A popular destination in Montana is Missoula which is located in five valleys. There are many recreational, shopping and entertainment options in this city along with the University of Montana. No matter which time of the year that you travel to Missoula you will find a variety of festivals, fairs and trade shows to attend. The most popular of these is in August with the Western Montana Fair. Then there is the impressive Historical Museum at Fort Missoula which sits on thirty-two acres and has seventeen thousand object and thirteen structures on display.

Although the largest city in Montana is Billings. You can stop by the Western Heritage Center and find a documented history of the Yellowstone River Valley’s development from the time of the earliest settlers to current. For the art enthusiast there is the Yellowstone Art Museum which features many contemporary art pieces from the Rocky Mountains. Billings is also a popular destination for those who want to visit Yellowstone National Park since it is very close.

Then there is Bozeman which, although slow, has seen continual growth since the city was first founded. Today many tourists come to Bozeman and it is one of the largest agricultural centers in Montana. The city comes with a vary diverse popular of artists, ranchers and students. Many come to Bozeman for the Museum of the Rockies which not only has many excellent displays but also offers a planetarium. The for the outdoor individuals there is the Gallatin National Forest nearby which has 1.8 million areas and offers many different recreational activities.

When it comes to accommodations there is no shortage of both rustic and contemporary option in Montana. However, if you are looking for the top three then consider the following hotels. The first is Many Glacier Hotel located in Glacier National Park. This hotel has a beautiful setting with excellent scenery and very friendly service. Then there is the Gallatin Gateway Inn which is an older hotel with elegance. It has vast interior spaces as a result of a Spanish style building and features the days of luxury railroad travel in Montana. The final option is The Pollard in Red Lodge which is a historic hotel. At one time Buffalo Bill stayed at this hotel and although it still remains a small hotel it is an excellent accommodation option for those who truly want the historic experience when traveling to Montana.

Beautiful, fresh and CHILLY. Pack your cooler with WARM foods and keep them nice and hot thru-out your journey.

Keeping food cool.

April 1st, 2016

The Importance of Keeping your Food Cold when on a Day Trip

If you are going out on a day trip then you will want to do everything you can to save money. The best way to do this would be for you to bring your own food with you, but if it’s hot outside then you need to be careful about what food you bring.

After all, items such as sausage rolls and other meat related products can spoil if they are left in a hot bag for too long and even if you don’t mind having your food lukewarm, you are still putting yourself at risk of food poisoning.

The main reason for this is because when food gets to a certain temperature, this increases the rate the bacteria grows at and a couple of hours in the sun is more than enough to do this. Colder temperatures slow down the bacteria growth process, so you can keep your food fresher for longer and without a health risk.

So what do you do if you want to go on a day trip without spoiling your food? You get a cool bag! Cool bags are ideal for taking food with you on the go and you would be surprised at how much they can keep your food cool. You can go out for a couple of hours and still have your food chilled, and this is by far the safest way for you to take food with you when you are on the go.

You can even keep your bottles of water cool as well so this is great if you have kids.
Of course, you would need to have the food cold before you put it in the cool bag but either way, it is a great investment for family days out.

Backpacking, hiking, oh my…

March 24th, 2016

Time out of doors is a precious commodity to the outdoor enthusiast. But before you go, for a safer and more enjoyable trip into the outdoors learn a few skills first.

One way to ensure maximum backcountry enjoyment is to get the most possible value from the gear you use. Be it a hiking backpack, one of our outdoor coolers or any other bag. Here are some ways to get the most out of your hiking/walking gear.

Spend several months getting into great shape. You can walk slowly each day for about 1/2 hr and work up to 1-2 hrs a day so when you go on your hike you’ll be fit enough to go long distances carrying a backpack. A well packed backpack will make all the difference in the world.

So you’ll need plenty of water as you go, even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. So pack a couple of bottles (with the backpack cooler – pack the bottles in the insulated section and everything else on top section).
Snacks of nuts, dried fruits and kind bars are great. They’ll provide you with the carbohydrates you need for energy.
Bring a small first aid kit – some aspirin, antiseptic, band aids and a small bandage.
May a small pocket knife, a small flashlight, tissues, and a good SPF.
If you are like me and have no sense of direction, bring a compass along as well as a map of the area. If you have a map of the area, be sure to keep it handy.
Chalk – if you are hiking by yourself you can use chalk to draw arrows for yourself so you know the way back.

Pack up, head out and enjoy!

Get The Kids Outdoors This Summer

March 22nd, 2016

Summer is time for outdoor fun with your children. However, sometimes the days are long and your ideas are short. Here are some ideas to help you make sure your active ones are busy and getting lots of fresh air this summer.

Take your child into the yard and explore. Your child will learn science, responsibility and have fun by planting a garden and maintaining it. In fact, if you have the time or inclination, you can make the entire landscape edible. How fun would it be to wander around the yard snacking? Blueberry bushes, strawberries, herbs, and fruit trees are all easy to maintain. Some vegetables, like tomatoes require nothing but a lot of water and sunshine to grow like weeds. Start small and see what happens.

Remember playing with the hoola-hoop? Show them how. Then, take hoola hoops and make a pretend circus in the yard or try to get your dog to jump through one. You are only limited by your imagination.

Teach your kids how to play hopscotch. Let them draw their own hopscotch patterns. If they are like I was as a kid, they’ll make hundreds of squares and hop around all day.

Bubbles are always a favorite. Take turns chasing and popping them. Blow bubbles with various bubble wands to see how their shapes and sizes differ.

There’s no need to buy a pool when the old-fashioned sprinklers are just as much fun. There is definitely something special about running around in the front yard through the sprinklers, especially when the neighbor kids see you having fun and join in.

Coolers for everyday use.

March 21st, 2016

So, your family is excited with the idea of camping this weekend! Everything else is okay; only problem you are perturbed with is food, right? You have found a perfectly isolated camping site – where there will be no artificial lights at night – only open starlit sky, there would be muddy roads and a lake nearby brimming with tasty, fresh fish, which you and your kids would catch, fry on fire and relish in pleasant cool weather! But what about other food? The organizers of campsite have warned you that you have to carry a lot of food (enough for a family with kids for 2 days) as there are no shops nearby. But no need to worry; I have a great suggestion – insulated cooler bags from!

Operating since 2004, Keep Your Cooler is committed to provide you the best and coolest cooler bags. They particularly produce cooling bags which can also be used for various other purposes. The backpack coolers and rolling coolers are popular amongst campers. All their bags on wheels can be folded and carried easily in your suitcase. They come in multiple sizes to fit into any suitcase.

Types of Bags Available with Keep Your Cooler

Backpack Coolers: The Backpack Cooler Bags are of various types like 2-in-1 Bag with Removable Insulated Cooler Section, Fully Insulated Backpack Cooler, Backpack Drink Cooler, and many more. You can use these for various purposes. E.g. in the 2-in-1 bag, you can keep dry foods, like snack bars, chips etc or whatever you want like an extra sweater, iPad/iPod, shoes, etc. And the detachable cooler section can contain the items that need to remain cool throughout your holiday.

Coolers on Wheels
: In this type too, you can get several varieties like Collapsible Rolling Cooler with various capacities ranging from 32 to 70 cans, wine coolers and so on.

Insulated Tote Bags: In this type, you get Large Insulated Cooler Bag, Large Everyday Cooler Tote, Small Insulated Day Tote, Collapsible Coolers and so on. If you want something chic and trendy, these bags are perfect for you. They have spacious compartments, front pockets, zipper closures, and many attractive features. They are available in various pleasant colors to add fun to your camping trip.

And there are many more, like Personal Lunch Coolers, Picnic Wine Coolers, Entertainment and Travel Coolers and so on. So, you can carry any amount of food in them and it will remain fresh throughout your camping holiday, so that you and your kids can enjoy great camping with fresh yummy food. Visit their site and choose from their extensive range!

Hiking in S. Lake Tahoe

March 16th, 2016

Hiking in South Lake Tahoe is one of the best experiences that I have had. My partner and I went in the month of September and after asking folks what to do while there they all said: hike.

So we did.

We hiked the Rubicon Trail – it’s as long or as short as you wish it to be. For us it was 10 miles of beautiful scenery and I would love to do it again. It’s not that difficult a hike and highly recommended. We wore hiking shoes (which I’m glad that I did) but we did see people in flip-flops.

We set off early and were able to a find parking space on the street. There are many parks where you can park for a small fee.

On the way we saw wonderful views of Emerald Bay – clear blue water. We hiked past the lighthouse to Vista and Rock Face and all the way to D L Bliss Beach. Rock face is one of the BEST sections of the hike. The trail is basically at the side of the mountain overlooking spectacular views (and a sharp drop down to the beautiful waters, but luckily there is a safety rail). There are small waterfalls along the way and gorgeous, huge, pine trees throughout the trail. The views were absolutely breathtaking. The water is so inviting and there are many water access points along the way – too cold for us though. Maybe in the summer.

Of course, we each brought along our backpack cooler combo. Heaven forbid I should ever be without water OR food. I brought my trusty Duo, backpack with removable cooler and OH brought his fav backpack cooler ) We froze about 4 bottles of water then filled the bottom section with 4 bottles (2 frozen, 2 from the fridge). This was ideal – the frozen bottles kept the other bottles cold. Then the frozen bottles melt and you have lovely fresh, cold, cold water which is very welcomed halfway through the hike. We also brought some Kind Bars, fruit and nuts to snack along the way.

There are benches along the way where you can stop and have a quick bite.

It was our first time and I really hope not the last. It was so serene and peaceful – I loved it and hiking is my new go to exercise.

Packing a lunch box. Healthier and cheaper.

March 15th, 2016

The carefree days when we thought nothing of splashing out on lunches every day are over. These days we are looking for ways to save money. We think twice about treating ourselves to expensive treats and look for ways to save in other areas.

Keep Your Cooler insulated lunch coolers can be used for just that. By packing your own food, drinks and snacks you will save money and eat healthier.

Lunch box coolers are ideal for the busy office worker or those traveling. It’s so easy to run out to the food court and grab some food but it can get very expensive and it’s not very healthy.

In this economy, it makes sense to invest in a cooler and pack your own lunch and it’s so much healthier. If you have a cooler bagsthere is no excuse.

Make it easy by preparing your lunch the night before. Maybe a Lean Cuisine/WW meal, packet of popcorn and a small packet of almonds (for that afternoon snack attack). Add some fresh fruit, yogurt or dried fruit. In the morning, pack up your cooler and head to work.

Don’t want processed foods? How about a yummy sandwich/wrap. Pre-prepared sandwiches can get soggy sometimes so below we have added some tips on the best way to enjoy a healthy, fresh sandwich. Again, this can be prepared the night before.

Tip for a non-soggy sandwich is to pack everything separate. Whole wheat bread in one zip lock. Deli meat or cheese in another. Lettuce and tomato (or veggie of choice) in another bag – (don’t cut the tomato until ready to eat). So when you stop for a break, you can assemble your healthy sandwich – it will only take a minute and taste delicious and fresh! Ziplocks can be washed and re-used every day.

Remember to bring paper napkins, a knife (for the tomato and to spread mustard). This lunch box comes with utensils and is a favorite amongst our customers: Hot and Cold Lunch Box. It also comes with a napkin and the cutest little salt and pepper shakers. Don’t forget your beverage. Water is always the best choice!

If you don’t want to carry a lunch cooler – how about one of the tote bags? They can double as a purse since there are pockets in front and look really chic. Want a more casual look – they the cool backpack coolers. Some come with 2 sections.
The collapsible cooler bags are a favorite with those that travel throughout the day. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from.

On your lunch break, walking away from your desk is always best. It gives you a chance to breathe and really take a break. Find a nice location outside. Maybe a park bench or even a mall close to the office. Somewhere you can relax and enjoy your healthy lunch.

It’s really easy to pack your cooler however it must be packed properly in order to keep your food and drinks cold. Packing properly is essential. Throwing food into a cooler and hoping for the best is not going to keep your food/drinks at the correct temperature.

Check out our other blog entries for the best way to pack (you can also find more detailed info under our “how to pack your cooler” section).

River bag – too big – whaaaatttttt????

July 6th, 2015

America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated have been very good to us in past reviews – they love the T-Rex almost as much as we do.

Last month they reviewed Insulated Shopping Totes on their site with one of our most popular bags used in this review.

The review on the River bag was not a fair comparison. Even though all the bags were Insulated Shopping Totes – they did the same test with the same foods in each bag.
However the River Shopping Tote is at least TWICE as big as the other bags. So the food placed into these bags are not going to stay as cold as they would in a smaller bag. It didn’t really make a lot of sense so we have pasted the review below and then our comment’s underneath.

So this is the review from them for the River Bag –
Product name:
The River by California Cooler Bags Insulated Shopping Tote Bag

Recommendation Status:
Recommended with “Reservations”

Testers’ Comments:
“Unlike regular reusable shopping totes, insulated shopping totes are designed to keep refrigerated and frozen foods cold on the commute home from the supermarket. We were looking for a comfortable, easy-to-carry tote that could keep our groceries at a food-safe temperature for at least an hour. To evaluate comfort and design, we loaded each with an identical assortment of bulky, heavy, and fragile groceries (12 items total) and took each bag for a 10-minute walk.”

“Those moderately sized bags were also the most comfortable, as bigger totes allowed items to shift during transport and felt cumbersome to more petite testers. But only one of these models also boasted wide, comfortable shoulder straps that made carrying a heavy load easier and freed up our hands. ”

Gotta respond WITH reservations on this review –

This is an apples and oranges review. Should not really have even been considered with the rest of the bags.

Our bag is almost TWICE as big as the others including the “one that shall not be named” that was chosen as the “best”.
Yes, the River is best for bulk and/or frozen items but not for 12 items. I don’t know about you but I can quite honestly say that it’s rare that I go to the grocery store and purchase 12 items?!?! Who has time for that? It’s a full load every time I go – one that FILLS up the River bag.

They said that a “generous amount of groceries left significant empty space” – ok, if you are going to be shopping for ONE then chose one of the smaller bags. Why the BIGGEST one we have? Packed correctly we have managed to keep foods cold for many hours. As stated throughout our site – the less food/drinks in these bags, the more space in the bag, the less likely it will stay cold.

Also we do have the thickest foam of all the bags… because it’s the BIGGEST bag we have available.

They wrote: “That large tote with thick walls would need a cart’s worth of groceries to be effective.” – Um yeh.” Maybe we should put that in the description – oh wait!

So there you have it – we reviewed ATK’s review – with “reservations”…

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift List

May 6th, 2014

1 T-Rex Rolling Cooler: The biggest and best cooler EVER! A fav with Mom’s – sturdy wheels and large insulated compartment.

2. The RIVER Bag: Largest shopping bag available – pack tons of food and drinks.

3. Striped Insulated Cooler Bag: Trendy and stylish – a fav for the farmer’s market or short trips to the market.

4. 36 Can Collapsible Cooler Bag: Ideal insulated cooler bag for a day out with friends or a tailgating party

5. Picnic Cooler Bag Classy and stylish picnic cooler features an elegant plaid design and has a unique, waterproof, divided cooler compartment.

Collapsible rolling coolers – the best travel accessory

March 4th, 2014

We have a great selection of rolling rolling coolers. The are great for family picnics, beach get together’s, tailgating, camping, you name it.

One of the best coolers is the T-Rex rolling cooler . The largest rolling cooler available at Keep Your Cooler. Read the reviews and you will understand why it’s the best!

Great for busy parents going to the soccer/softball/football game – easy to pack for the whole family and since it has the nifty little velcro opening at the top – you can one-hand it. No need to unzip the whole cooler to get your drinks! And extra sturdy! With mega wheels.

The medium sized coolers are great for food transportation OR to take to the racing.

Or travel – the smaller ones (32 cans) are ideal for travel (fits most carry on guidelines to bring aboard airlines).

They all easily collapse (when empty) for easy storage but make sure to check the sizes (all the sizes are in the description field) to make sure that these items will fit your needs.

Happy Cooling!